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Plant Conservation Program

Seed Collecting on the Public Lands 

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Seed Collecting Guidelines

*Seed collectors are required to have their seed collection permit in their possession at all times.*

The forms to apply for a seed collection permit are identified below. Please refer to WY IM 2011-037 for additional information regarding the rules and regulations of seed collection and the correct application for submission.

Seed Collecting Forms

Commercial Sales

Contract for the Sale of Vegetative Resources Form (5450-1): If the total purchase price is not paid on or before the date the contract is signed by the Authorizing Official, then the bonding and deposit requirements in this form must be followed. Full cash payment is required for any purchase of less than $2,500.

Vegetative or Mineral Negotiated Cash Sale Contract Form (5450-5 ): This is only to be used for sales of less than $2,500. Full cash payment is required prior to issuance of the permit.

Personal Use Sales

Vegetative or Mineral Negotiated Cash Sale Contract (Form 5450-5): Vegetative products purchased under this permit for personal use is defined as “. . . use other than for sale, barter, trade, or obtaining a profit” (43 CFR Subpart 5400, Definitions). The limit on this permit is $2,499.

Free Use

Free Use Application Form (Form 5510-1): As defined in CFR 43 Part 5500, applicants must meet certain criteria in order for a free use permit to be issued. They must be a resident of the State, a Federal or State governmental agency, unit or subdivision including municipalities, or any association or corporation not organized for profit, as authorized by the AFM for Renewable Resources (43 CFR 5510.0-3 b). Free use materials may not be used for commercial or industrial purposes or resale. Also, a non-profit association or corporation may not receive more than $100.00 worth of seed in any one calendar year.

Free use permits for vegetative materials will be issued to Native Americans for ceremonial purposes when requested. Quantities will be limited to the amount identified in the personal use section above or specified in the local land use plan.

Recreational Use

Recreational use is defined under 43 CFR 8365.1- 5 Property and resources, Sections (b) (1). These sections allow the public to collect, in non-restricted areas, “reasonable amounts” for “non-commercial purposes” of commonly available renewable resources such as flowers, berries, nuts, seeds, cones, and leaves. For clarification, renewable resources (seed) collected for recreational use in Wyoming is determined to be 1,000 seeds or 5 pounds of “dirty” weight of seed. No permit is required for this type of collecting of seed.