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Whiskey Mountain WSA

Whiskey Mountain WSA.

Location: Fremont County

Nearest Town: Dubois (5 miles)

BLM Acreage: 487 acres

Recommended for Wilderness: 0 acres

Access Points & Directions:
The Whiskey Mountain WSA is accessed from the Trail Lake Road. 

Access to wild lands inherently requires navigational skills and in many cases, four wheel-drive/high clearance vehicles. Visitors should be prepared for adverse weather and road conditions. The WSAs in the Lander Field Office are primarily accessed by unnamed/unsigned two track roads; in many cases, these roads are impossible to find without good navigational skills and equipment. You will need to use your navigational skills to access the Whiskey Mountain WSA from the Trail Lake Road.

Allowable Uses & Restrictions: 
Whiskey Mountain WSA has been closed to all motorized use. Please abide by all posted regulations.

Primitive & Unconfined Recreation:
The WSA makes a contiguous extension of the Fitzpatrick Wilderness Area, which has outstanding opportunities for primitive and unconfined recreation. The larger Whiskey Mountain area, including the WSA, is an exceptional hunting, viewing, and wintering area for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.

The Whiskey Mountain WSA encompasses 487 acres of BLM-administered land. The area is on the north-facing slope of Whiskey Mountain in the Wind River Mountains. These lands became a study area because of their proximity to the Fitzpatrick Wilderness Area. The terrain is rough and mountainous with scattered limber pine and Douglas fir. The largest concentration of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in the United States inhabits the area and surrounding environs.

The WSA is on the north-facing slope of Whiskey Mountain in the Wind River Mountains. In 1931, a fire burned quite a large area; the WSA is only a small part of the larger burnt-over hillside. The terrain is rough and mountainous, and the dominant vegetation is limber pine and Douglas-fir, interspersed with burnt-over snags.

There are two very faint vehicle ways within the WSA. Past firewood cutting is evidenced by stumps in some areas. For the most part, the area is in a natural condition with the works of human activity substantially unnoticeable.

Solitude in the WSA is possible due to its topographic and vegetative screening, but because of its small size, the opportunities for solitude are less than outstanding. However, in conjunction with the Fitzpatrick Wilderness Area, opportunities for solitude could be considered outstanding.

Special Features:
Whiskey Mountain is within the primary winter range for the largest herd of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in the coterminous United States. The sheep population is of national significance.

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