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Sheep Mountain WSA

Sheep Mountain WSA/

Sheep Mountain WSA.

Location: Big Horn County

Nearest Towns: Worland (20-25 miles), Greybull and Basin (18-20 miles)

BLM Acreage: 23,250 acres

Recommended for Wilderness: 0 acres

Access Points & Directions:
This WSA lies 18 miles west of the town of Basin and 5 miles northeast of Bobcat Draw Badlands WSA.

Access is from Dorsey Creek Road (BLM Road 1103), which is accessed from Fifteen Mile Road (BLM Road 1429) out of Worland; the Platte Pipeline Road (BLM Road 1430) from Gooseberry Road (Wyoming State Highway 431); or from County Lane 42 1/2, which is accessed from Wyoming State Highway 30 north of the WSA and south of Burlington.

Allowable Uses & Restrictions:
Sheep Mountain WSA has been closed to all motorized use. Please abide by all posted regulations.

Primitive & Unconfined Recreation:
The Sheep Mountain WSA and the rugged topography provide a resource base for a variety of primitive recreation opportunities such as geologic sightseeing and collecting, hunting, trapping, photography, hiking and backpacking. These opportunities are not totally unique or dependent on this area. The network of ridges and drainages radiating from Sheep Mountain provides many isolated travel routes. The terrain is not so rugged as to significantly restrict or confine travel. The eroded badlands are highly scenic and add visual diversity.

The Sheep Mountain WSA encompasses 23,250 acres of BLM-administered public land, and 640 acres of split estate land. The WSA contains bare, rugged badlands created by peaks and ridges broken by irregular, sharply cut drainages radiating from the central portion of the area that is dominated by Sheep Mountain. The Sheep Mountain WSA contains limited geologic and paleontological resources and is occasionally used by wild horses.

The area is dominated by the rugged badlands formed by the erosive action of wind and water on the shales and sandstones of the Willwood Formation. Sharp ridges and barren hills separate innumerable branches of the larger drainages. Elk Creek, Dorsey Creek and Dry Creek are the main drainages, none of which are perennial streams.

The Sheep Mountain WSA appears to retain a minimally natural character, although there are impacts from intrusions such as vehicle and seismograph trails, 19 reservoirs and 7.5 miles of fence. The impacts of these intrusions do not substantially detract from the natural character of the WSA because they are widely distributed and well-screened.

The Sheep Mountain WSA contains rugged badland topography. Size, screening and configuration in the WSA provide opportunities for solitude. Public lands in this area typically receive low-use levels and solitude is the norm on the majority of public lands in the vicinity.

Special Features:
The Sheep Mountain contains limited supplemental values, including geologic and paleontological resources and occasional use by wild horses. The WSA is located in the Willwood Formation and includes fossils from the Early Eocene Period such as Heplodon (mammal ancestral to tapirs) and Bunophows (mammal ancestral to pigs).

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