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Lankin Dome WSA

Lankin Dome WSA.

Lankin Dome Wilderness Study Area.
Lankin Dome WSA.
Location: Fremont County

Nearest Town: Jeffrey City (10 miles)

BLM Acreage: 6,316 acres

Recommended for Wilderness: 0 acres

Access Points & Directions:
The Lankin Dome WSA is accessed from the Agate Flats Road. 

Access to wild lands inherently requires navigational skills and in many cases, four wheel-drive/high clearance vehicles. Visitors should be prepared for adverse weather and road conditions. The WSAs in the Lander Field Office are primarily accessed by unnamed/unsigned two track roads; in many cases, these roads are impossible to find without good navigational skills and equipment. You will need to use your navigational skills to access the Lankin Dome WSA from the Agate Flats Road.

Allowable Uses & Restrictions:
Motorized travel in the Lankin Dome WSA is allowed on roads and trails that existed during the inventory phase of the area.  Specific route maps are available at the Lander Field Office.

Primitive & Unconfined Recreation:
The Lankin Dome WSA offers outstanding opportunities for primitive and unconfined recreation – rock climbing, hiking, backpacking and hunting. Lankin Dome, the most prominent feature of the unit, has long been an attraction to rock climbers. Backpacking to one of the wooded “pockets” would be one of the recreational activities available. Hunting for antelope is outstanding on the flats because game is abundant and packing distances are short.

The Lankin Dome WSA encompasses 6,316 acres of BLM-administered land, including 360 acres of surface split-estate lands within the boundaries. This WSA is located in Fremont County, about 10 miles east of Jeffrey City. Lankin Dome consists of two landforms: the uplifted mountains of reddish granite rocks, slabs and exfoliated domes, and the flats of Nolen Pocket north and west of the rocks. This area has long been an attraction to rock climbers.

The topography of this WSA consists of uplifted mountains of reddish granite rocks, slabs, exfoliating domes and sagebrush flats. Pockets of limber pine, aspen and juniper dot the rocky landscape. Bighorn sheep historically inhabited this area, but the only big game species currently in residence are elk, antelope and mule deer. Golden eagles, prairie falcons and red-tailed hawks soar overhead. This WSA was not recommended suitable for wilderness status in the 1992 report to Congress.

The Lankin Dome WSA is essentially natural, and existing intrusions do not significantly compromise the overall naturalness. The WSA contains few human imprints, which include four two-tracked vehicle ways and two fence lines. The area is rugged and ranges in elevation from 6,200 feet at the western boundary road to about 7,700 feet on Lankin Dome. The WSA’s granite rocks and exfoliated domes provide a natural setting, uninterrupted by human imprints. The existing intrusions are not noticeable and have a minimal impact on the total area.

Opportunities for solitude exist within the Lankin Dome WSA, but they are not exemplary since the area that provides topographic and vegetative screening to visitors is small and would be somewhat confining. The pockets along the base do not provide the seclusion necessary to make the area exemplary. Encounters among visitors would be likely.

Special Features:
The Lankin Dome WSA is exceptionally scenic, with the granite boulders, slabs and exfoliated domes contrasting significantly with the greens of the wooded pockets. These large expanses of bare granite, which are not found elsewhere in central Wyoming, form a natural and highly scenic backdrop for the Sweetwater River valley, an area that played an important role in the history of the exploration and early settlement of the west.

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