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Whitehorse Creek WSA

Whitehorse Creek WSA.

Location: Fremont County

Nearest Town: Farson (30 miles)

BLM Acreage: 4,002 acres

Recommended for Wilderness: 0 acres

Primitive & Unconfined Recreation: 
Opportunities for primitive and unconfined recreation include rock climbing, studying the unique badlands topography, nature and wildlife photography, bird watching and big game hunting.

The Whitehorse Creek WSA encompasses 4,002 acres of BLM-administered land with no private or state inholdings. A major portion of the WSA is made up of eroding red, green, and gray buttes. The area is important to raptor habitat.

The majority of the WSA is in a natural condition. There are a few two-track trails that enter the western flat portion of the WSA and some that lead up to the base of the buttes on the east side. There are also several reservoirs and other range improvements located in the western portion of the WSA.

The Whitehorse Creek WSA has many opportunities for solitude. Opportunities for solitude are particularly high in areas west of the Continental Divide, north of the Oregon Buttes and south of Pastel Butte. The rugged terrain and the eroded escarpments provide opportunities to avoid the sights and sounds of others. From the top of the largest butte in the area, which rises 650 feet above the basin floor and 7,915 feet above sea level, a sense of isolation and solitude is felt as one looks down into the maze-like setting created by the eroded escarpments lining the Whitehorse Creek Basin.

Special Features: 
The badlands within the WSA are laced with petrified wood, agate beds and fossils of snails and clams, which provide outstanding rock hounding opportunities.

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