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Raymond Mountain WSA

Raymond Mountain WSA.

Raymond Mountain WSA.
Location: Lincoln County

Nearest Town: Cokeville (10 miles)

BLM Acreage: 32,936 acres

Recommended for Wilderness: 32,936 acres

Access Points & Directions:
Travel 14 miles north of Cokeville WY on Route 89, then turn east off of Route 89 and travel two miles to the Raymond Mountain trailhead.

Allowable Uses & Restrictions:
The entire WSA is closed to motorized and mechanized vehicles. Foot and horse-back travel is permitted.

Primitive & Unconfined Recreation:
The Raymond Mountain WSA, in combination with its relatively large size, diversity and ruggedness of terrain, contains outstanding opportunities for primitive and unconfined recreation. The primary recreation activity in the area is hunting moose, elk, deer and grouse. Primitive camping occurs along Raymond Creek, Huff Creek and in White Canyon. Hiking and backpacking occur in the area, as well as nature study and sightseeing. Other recreational activities include fishing, trapping and horseback riding.

The Raymond Mountain WSA encompasses 32,936 acres of BLM-administered land, 1,329 acres of state land and 200 acres of private inholdings. The study area is in the Sublette mountain range and is forested over major portions of the area. There are several creeks within the area, two of which contain a pure strain of Bonneville or Bear River cutthroat trout. The area is important moose, deer and elk habitat.

The Raymond Mountain WSA is predominantly natural, with few human imprints. The area is extremely rugged and ranges from an elevation of 6,250 feet in the drainage bottoms to 9,313 feet. The WSA contains numerous peaks, ridges, canyons, creeks and wildlife. The WSA contains 1,500 acres of Douglas-fir, 1,200 acres of subalpine fir and 1,700 acres of aspen.

The WSA contains several minor imprints of man, including a communication site with an access road, several small phosphate exploration sites, two abandoned well sites, a road which penetrates the WSA along Huff Creek to some private land, several two-track trails and evidence of livestock trailing. These intrusions, when viewed in the context of the entire WSA, are essentially unnoticeable.

Outstanding opportunities for solitude abound throughout the Raymond Mountain WSA. The steepness of the terrain and the accompanying vegetation contribute to providing secluded spots which would permit opportunities for solitude.

The Sublette Mountain Range forms the entire WSA, creating an almost impenetrable barrier that promotes outstanding opportunities for solitude throughout the WSA. One could easily escape the rest of the world in this study area.

Special Features:
Wildlife is an important special feature in the area. The Thomas Fork watershed, which includes Huff and Raymond creeks, has been designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern. This area supports the Bear River Cutthroat trout and provides crucial winter habitat for moose, elk, mule deer and numerous other wildlife species. The scenic quality is outstanding due in part to the interaction of the mountainous landforms, geologic outcrops, diverse vegetation, open parks and waterways.

Two waterways within the WSA have been recommended for inclusion in the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System: Huff Creek has scenic and  fisheries values, and unique land and resource diversity; Raymond Creek has scenic, recreational, fisheries and wildlife values and unique land and resource diversity.

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