Lankin Dome WSA. Sweetwater Canyon WSA. McCullough Peaks WSA. Adobe Town WSA. North Fork of the Powderhorn River WSA.
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Wilderness Study Areas 

Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) are undeveloped federal lands that retain their primeval character and influence, without permanent improvements or human habitation, and are managed to preserve their natural conditions.

Wilderness Study Areas are not included in the National Wilderness Preservation System unless and until the United States Congress passes wilderness legislation designating the WSA as wilderness.

BLM Wyoming manages 42 WSAs encompassing 577,504 acres of public land. In its report to Congress in 1992, BLM Wyoming recommended that 240,364 acres within 21 study areas should be designated as part of the National Wilderness Preservation System.  Also in the 1992 report, BLM Wyoming recommended that 337,140 acres within 30 study areas should be released for uses other than wilderness.

McCullough Peaks WSA. Pryor Mountain WSA. Big Horn Tack-on WSA. Alkali Creek WSA. Medicine Lodge WSA. Honeycombs WSA. Red Butte WSA. Sheep Mountain WSA. Bobcat Draw Badlands WSA. Cedar Mountain WSA. Owl Creek WSA. Dubois Badlands WSA. Whiskey Mountain WSA. Copper Mountain WSA. Sweetwater Canyon WSA. Lankin Dome WSA. Savage Peak WSA. Miller Spring WSA. Split Rock WSA. Bennett Mountain WSA. Ferris Mountain WSA. Red Lake WSA. South Pinnacles WSA. Alkali Draw WSA. Sand Dunes WSA. Buffalo Hump WSA. Adobe Town WSA. Red Creek Badlands WSA. Devil's Playground WSA. Twin Buttes WSA. Raymond Mountain WSA. Lake Mountain WSA. Scab Creek WSA. Whitehorse Creek WSA. Oregon Buttes WSA. Honeycomb Buttes WSA. Encampment River Canyon WSA. Prospect Mountain WSA. Fortification Creek WSA. North Fork WSA. Gardner Mountain WSA. Trapper Creek WSA. Alkali Basin/East Sand Dunes WSA. Prospect Mountain WSA. Encampment Canyon WSA. Adobe Town WSA. Red Creek Badlands WSA. Devil's Playground WSA. Twin Buttes WSA. Map of BLM wilderness study areas in Wyoming.

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