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covered wagon.
Dempsey-Hockaday, Kinney & Slate Creek Cutoffs

Trail marker.


By 1850, the Oregon-Mormon Pioneer-California trail system had developed almost as many shortcuts as there were wagon masters. The emigrants called these shortcuts "Cutoffs."

These three cutoffs are variations on the Sublette Cutoff. The Slate Creek and Kinney cutoffs tracked south of the Sublette cutoff and followed the Big Sandy River to the Green River, while the Dempsey-Hockaday cutoff stayed north of the Sublette cutoff. These trails generally ran west from the different crossing sites along the Green River and joined again before reaching the Bear River.

The Slate Creek, Kinney and Dempsey-Hockady cutoffs are primarily located on BLM-managed public lands but trail markings are spotty. Be sure to get a detailed map of the area if you plan to travel explore these trails.