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covered wagon.
Cheyenne-Deadwood Stage Road


This trail tells the story of gold-laden Concord stagecoaches rocking wildly on leather throughbraces, pulled at top speed by perfectly matched six-horse teams; of outlaws hidden along the road, willing to do anything to get the gold; of Sioux warriors gathering on the ridges, angered at the white man's intrusion into their sacred Black Hills; of Wyatt Earp as shotgun messenger, George Lathrop as driver with Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Buffalo Bill as passengers; of the US Cavalry charging across the prairie to protect the coaches and cargo. It was a clash of cultures and values that could only have happened in Wyoming.

The Cheyenne-Deadwood Stage Road is marked by monuments and informative signs at intersections with public roads. Most of the actual trail is on private land, but much of the route is paralleled by improved county and state roads.