Recording a Mining Claim

To record your mining claim, file with the BLM State Office:

  • a copy of the Notice of Location or Location Certificate (which was or will be filed with the respective County Recorder),
  • a map or narrative showing the location of the claim,
  • and a filing fee of $212 per claim to the address below:

These items should be submitted within 90-days of location to:

  • Bureau of Land Management
    Wyoming State Office
    5353 Yellowstone Rd.
    Cheyenne, WY 82009

Location certificates must be received by BLM within 90 days from the date of location. The document will be timely received if the envelope contains a postmark clearly identifying the document was mailed on or before the due date and was mailed via a bona fide delivery service (ie: Fed Ex, US Postal Service, UPS).

Failure to submit the document within the 90 day time frame will result in the document being returned to you without further action.

BLM does not require the claim information to be on any specific form, nor does BLM produce or distribute a form for such purpose. Local printing companies or stationery stores are typical sources for forms. There are sample forms on this website.

The form submitted to BLM must include:

  • Date of location
  • Name and address of the owner(s)
  • Name of the claim/site
  • Type of claim/site
  • The acreage claimed
  • A description of the parcel on the ground (township, range, section, quarter section, and/or a metes and bounds description)

A location map is required, if the legal description given can not be plotted onto a Master Title Plat.

Recordation fees for new claims:

  • Location Fee = $37.00/claim
  • Maintenance Fee = $155.00/ $155 for every 20 acres claimed
  • Processing Fee = $20.00/claim

All monies are due at the time of filing. A claim or site will not be recorded, unless the payment of all fees is received at the time of recording.

The initial $155 maintenance fee is due for the assessment year in which the claim is located (not recorded). This fee is not prorated.

Upon meeting the filing requirements, each claim is assigned a serial number. After adjudication of the filing has been completed, the claimant will receive notification from BLM acknowledging the claim and its assigned serial number.

If a claimant requests a copy of the date stamped certificates of location, cost recovery fees apply (.13 per page). See 43 CFR Part 2, Appendix C. If you want a copy date stamped and returned to you please submit two (2) copies of all documents. If two copies are received we will date stamp and return the duplicate set free of charge.