Information Packet & Links


Abandoned mine hazards on mining claims/sites


  • BLM Electronic Forms (eForms) 
    • Form 3830-2 - Maintenance Fee Waiver Certification 
    • Form 3830-3 - Notice of Intent to Locate a Lode or Placer Mining Claim(s) and/or a Tunnel Site(s) on Lands Patented under the Stock Raising Homestead Act of 1916, as Amended by the Act of April 16, 1993 
    • Form 3830-4 - Affidavit of Annual Assessment Work  
    • Form 3830-5 - Maintenance Fee Payment Form for Lode Claims, Mill Sites, and Tunnel Site  
    • Form 3830-5a - Maintenance Fee Payment Form for Placer Mining Claims  

The Nevada State Division of Minerals has sample mining claim forms that can be downloaded from their website. When using the forms, you will need to edit each form to conform to Wyoming mining claims.

General BLM Information

  • WYNF-0004 - Rockhounding on Public Lands 
  • WYNF-0005 - Where to Get More Information 
  • WYNF-0006 - Schedule of Available Records and Products 
  • WYNF-0007 - BLM Offices in Wyoming 
  • WYNF-0008 - BLM State Offices 
  • WYNF-0011 - Public Land Terms 
  • WYNF-0012 - Requirements for Locating and Maintaining Unpatented Mining Claims 
  • WYNF-0014 - Surface & Mineral Management Maps for Wyoming & Nebraska 
  • WYNF-0016 - Wyoming County Clerk Offices 
  • WYNF-0019 - Camping on Public Lands 
  • WYNF-0031 - Special Recreation Permits on Public Lands in Wyoming 
  • Principal Meridians & Base Lines - small - large