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BLM Wyoming letter head

In Reply Refer To:
PHONE NO: 307-775-6176
FAX NO: 307-775-6203


October 18, 2011 

I N F O R M A T I O N   N O T I C E

In accordance with the 43 CFR 3000.12, the following table is a complete list of the fixed fees that you must pay to BLM for oil and gas services for Fiscal Year 2012. These fees are nonrefundable and must be included with documents you file:



OIL AND GAS (PART 3100, 3110, 3120) 
Noncompetitive lease application


Competitive lease


Assignment and transfer of record title or operating rights

$ 85

Overriding royalty transfer, payment out of production

$ 10

Name change, corporate merger or transfer to heir/devisee


Leases consolidation


Lease renewal or exchange


Lease reinstatement, Class I

$ 75

Leasing under right-of-way


Please address any questions you may have regarding the information in this Notice to me at the letterhead address or you may contact me by phone at 307-775-6176.



/s/ Julie Weaver

Julie L. Weaver
Chief, Branch of Fluid Minerals Adjudication