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Lessee Qualifications

Are there limitations concerning who can acquire or hold a federal coal lease?
Yes. In order to be qualified to obtain a federal coal lease, you must be:

  • an adult citizen of the United States
  • an association of citizens of the United States
  • a corporation organized under the laws of the United States, or of any state, and meet all the requirements of 43 CFR 3472
  • Acreage limitation per lessee
    Statewide - 75,000 acres
    Nationwide - 1,500,000 acres

May a minor child acquire a federal coal lease?
A federal coal lease cannot be acquired by a minor. However, a federal coal lease may be issued to a legal guardian or trustee on behalf of the minor.

Can an alien acquire and hold a federal coal lease?
An alien may hold interest in federal coal leases only by stock ownership in United States corporations which hold federal coal leases AND provided that the laws of their native country do not deny similar privileges to citizens of the United States. An alien cannot obtain an interest in a federal coal lease by owning a portion of a limited partnership that holds a federal coal lease.

Last updated: 06-16-2008