Wild horse in western Wyoming. Wild horse training at the Steve Mantle Wild Horse Facility near Wheatland, Wyoming. Wild horse training at the Wyoming Honor Farm near Riverton, Wyoming. Wild Horse at the Deerwood Ecosanctuary. Wild horses in western Wyoming.
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September 6, 2014 Adoption

Photos and descriptions of some of the horses that will be available for adoption.

  • 5240 Potter:  Riding since 9/5/13, 60+ rides. Easy going horse with lots of experience. Has been ridden out on farm, through the creek and pond and through. Good with fee and trailers well.
  • 6491 Aries:  Riding since 7/29/14, 20+ rides. Good sized gelding who's grown a lot in disposition over the last year. Good start with a saddle. Has been ridden in pens but is ready to move on. Good with feet and trailers well.
  • 7046 Marcus:  Riding since 8/4/14, 20+ rides. Good size gelding, good start on ridden work. Wants to please. Needs someone to move on with him. Good with feet, trailers well.
  • 6859 Twilight:  Riding since 6/9/14, 30+ rides. Has been ridden in and out of pens, out on the farm, and through the creek. He's a go getter and gets on pace quickly. Good with feet and trailers well.
  • 7065 Riddle:  Riding since 6/29/14, 20+ rides. Good ground work. Smart, willing mare with lots of potential. Rode through the pens, through the farm. Easy going, good with feet, and trailers well.
  • 6167 Bridgette:  Riding since 8/4/14, 15+ rides. Good ground work. Can be nervous but wants to please. Needs a skilled rider to move on with her. Picks up feet and trailers well.
  • 7030 Folsom:  Halter started. Good start with ground work. Can be nervous but gets on page fast and wants to please. Good with feet and trailers well.
  • 9608 Lil Champ:  Great start with ground work. Smart horse willing to work and wants to be with you. Ready to move on to saddle acceptance. Good with feet and trailers well.

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