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Green Mountain HMA

Administered by:  Lander Field Office
Location:  SSE of Sweetwater Station, WY
Acres:  nearly 117,000
Elevation:  6,200 ft. - 9,200 ft.
AML:  170-300
Colors:  predominantly bay & brown with some tobiano paint
 Picture of wild horses. 

Green Mountain HMA encompasses nearly 117,000 acres, of which nearly 75,000 acres are BLM-administered public lands. Topography within the herd area is generally gently rolling hills and slopes north and south of Green Mountain. Green Mountain itself is quite steep with mountainous terrain and conifer/aspen forests. Elevations range from 6,200 to 9,200 feet with grand vistas of the Red Desert, Sweetwater Rocks, and Oregon Trail from the higher elevations. Precipitation ranges from 10-14 inches at the lower elevations to 15-20 inches at the upper elevations. Most of the precipitation is in the form of snow.

The AML for this HMA is 170-300 horses. A full range of colors is present. Most horses are solid in color, but a noticeable number of tobiano paints are present. The horses range from 11 to 15 hands and 750-1000 pounds mature weight. Vegetation around the mountain is dominated by various sage, grass, woodland, and riparian species. The Green Mountain portion of the HMA is characterized by lodge pole forests, breaking to a juniper/limber pine vegetative type. Much of the mountain itself is steep and rugged. Wild horses tend to spend their time on top of the mountain during the summer and fall months. The area supports significant wildlife populations of elk, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep and moose.

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Last updated: 07-20-2012