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Adobe Town HMA

Administered by:  Rawlins Field Office
Location:  west of Baggs, WY
Acres:  nearly 478,000
Elevation:  6600 ft. - 7800 ft.
AML:  610-800
Colors:  predominantly roan & gray

Picture of wild horses.

The Adobe Town HMA is located in south central Wyoming between Interstate 80 and the Colorado/Wyoming border. It encompasses nearly 478,000 acres of mostly BLM-administered public land with a small portion of intermingled private lands. The topography of the area is varied with everything from colorful eroded desert badlands to wooded buttes and escarpments. In between are extensive rolling to rough uplands interspersed with some desert playa and vegetated dune areas. Limited, sensitive desert riparian areas are important features of the landscape and winters are long and severe. Annual precipitation ranges from less than seven inches in the desert basins to more than 12 inches at some of the higher elevations. Elevation ranges from 6,600 feet to 7,800 feet along Kinney Rim, which forms the western boundary of the HMA. The HMA is in the Adobe Town Wilderness Study Area and other features in the area include the Cherokee Trail, the Haystacks, and Powder Rim.

The AML for this HMA is 610-800 horses. The horses exhibit a full range of colors, with greys and roans predominating. The present population has been influenced by the routine escape of domestic saddle stock from the surrounding populated areas. The horses range from 14 to 15 hands and 900-1100 pounds mature weight. One of the most famous wild horses of all times, named “Desert Dust” came from this area.

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Last updated: 07-20-2012