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      Progress as of November 13, 2010

Adobe Town & Salt Wells HMAs

Gather operations as well as public observation opportunities have ended for the 2010 Adobe Town/Salt Wells Gather.

Dates:  Sunday, October 10 - Saturday, November 13 

Gather:  It was initially estimated that approximately 1,950 wild horses would need to be gathered from both HMAs and that 1,580 excess horses would be removed; however, during a Sept. 2010 census flight, wild horse specialists found that the population of wild horses in the HMAs was greater than previously thought. In addition, wild horses which have migrated outside the HMAs will need to be gathered. As a result, approximately 157 additional horses will be removed from within the complex, and slightly more than 200 horses will be gathered outside the HMAs.

Adoption:  Most of these horses will be available for adoption at the Rock Springs Corrals, the Mantle Wild Horse Facility, the Wyoming Honor Farm, and through BLM's Internet adoptions.

Treat & Release:  Approximately 100 mares will be treated with the fertility-control vaccine Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP) and released back into the HMAs.

Appropriate Management Level:  Approximately 860 wild horses will remain in the HMAs, which is the appropriate management level (AML) for this herd complex. AML is the point at which the herd’s population is consistent with the land’s capacity to support wild horses in balance with other public rangeland uses and resources.

Cumulative Totals for Gather


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Photo by Colin E Braley,

Photo courtesty of Colin E Braley.

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