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Kathi Wilson & Razzles 
- updated 09/13/12 

Snickers appears to be an average brown horse, making his home in Cheyenne, Wyo. But looks can be deceiving because this horse has a very colorful history. Take one look at the freeze brand on his neck, and you get the first part of his story. Snickers was born a wild horse.

In 1999, at the age of four, Snickers was gathered from the Warm Springs Canyon area of Nevada. He ended up at Steve Mantle’s Training Facility in 2003, where he eventually found his new adopted owner, Kathi Wilson. It wasn’t love at first sight. Steve had to coax Kathi into giving Snickers a try. Kathi remembers a scruffy, mud coated, plain brown horse that did not seem as appealing as some of the other chrome plated horses she had seen. However, with some prompting from Steve, Kathi came to realize there was a lot more to this horse than met the eye.

“I was actually checking out a black and white horse in a pen next to Snickers that had caught my eye, when something touched my elbow that was sticking into an adjacent pen. I turned to see the kindest eyes I had ever seen in a horse.” I knew this would be a good partnership as Snickers had picked me,” replied Kathi. “I did find out later, that Steve had purposely put the brown gelding in the pen next to the black and white mustang that he knew I would be drawn to, in hopes that I would give this little guy a chance,” said Kathi with a laugh.

Before long, Kathi was taking him to parades. He rode in the Cheyenne Christmas parade and the Laramie Jubilee Days parade. She also showed him in local horse shows in Wyoming and Colorado, entering him in events that included: western pleasure, western equitation, trail, showmanship and reining. He is also registered with the American Stock Horse Association and competes in ranch versatility shows.

In 2005, Kathi and Snickers travelled to Rock Springs to compete in the BLM Wild Horse show where they made an admirable showing – 2nd place!

Snickers and Kathi also competed in the first Mustang Days held at the Wyoming State Fair and thanks to his efforts, Kathi brought home two belt buckles and a second place saddle pad.

Snickers latest venture may turn him into the latest reality star. He and Kathi recently auditioned for the “Americas Favorite Trail Horse” competition put on by American Competitive Trail Horse Association. The top 100 horses get to go to Austin, Texas in May to continue to be eliminated until the top ten stand. America gets to vote on the last 10 horses to see who the winner becomes!!

In their spare time, Kathi and Snickers like to trail ride all over the country. He seems to be at home in the mountains as well as in the show ring. Snickers has certainly travelled down an amazing road from his humble beginnings in Nevada!