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      Public Observation Opportunities 

Thank you for your interest in observing BLM wild horse gather operations in the White Mountain/Little Colorado Herd Management Areas (HMAs). The BLM is committed to providing as much public access to the gather as possible.

Please be advised that gather operations are fluid and may change at any time. For example, the team may need to move and reconstruct trap sites and holding facilities. Weather conditions are uncertain. Delays of one or more days may be necessary. We encourage you to monitor our website closely for the most up-to-date information. BLM appreciates your patience.

If interested in watching the gather, please contact Serena Baker,, to be added to the anticipated visitors’ log. Only individuals listed on the visitors’ log will be contacted with daily viewing sites, times, and meeting locations. Email contact is requested as cell phone service is spotty in the HMAs. 

The White Mountain/Little Colorado HMAs are in rugged and remote areas. Safety is our first priority and BLM staff will be available each public observation day to escort you into areas where you can safely view gather operations. We are providing the following information for your safety so you can be prepared for your visit.

Wild horse gather observers.Wild horse gather observers.

Observers crouch in the sagebrush to observe and photograph the McCullough 
Peaks wild horse gather in 2009. 

Call 1-866-4MUSTANGS for more information. 

White Mountain HMA wild horses.
White Mountain HMA wild horses. 

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