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      Progress as of September 1, 2011

White Mountain & Little Colorado HMAs

Dates:  Sunday, August 21 - Tuesday, September 6, or until the desired number of excess horses have been gathered.

Gather:  The estimated population in the White Mountain/Little Colorado herd management areas (HMAs) is currently 970 wild horses. This figure is based on April 2010 census flights, adjusted for two years’ foal crop, and 14 percent unobserved wild horses. There are approximately 696 excess mustangs above the low appropriate management level in the White Mountain/Little Colorado HMAs.

Roughly 177 wild horses will be returned to the combined HMAs. It is estimated the ungathered wild horse population in these HMAs is approximately 10 percent, or 66 wild horses in White Mountain, and 31 wild horses in Little Colorado, which consist of an assumed sex ratio of 50 percent stallions and 50 percent mares.

Adoption:  Most of these horses will be available for adoption at the Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility, the Mantle Wild Horse Facility, the Wyoming Honor Farm, and through BLM's Internet adoptions. The remaining horses will be sent to long term pastures in the Midwest.

Treat & Release:  Approximately 40-60 mares will be treated with the fertility-control vaccine Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP) and released back into the HMAs.

Appropriate Management Level:  Approximately 274 wild horses will remain in the White Mountain/Little Colorado, which is the appropriate management level (AML) for these HMAs. AML is the point at which the herd’s population is consistent with the land’s capacity to support wild horses in balance with other public rangeland uses and resources.

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White Mountain HMA wild horses.
White Mountain HMA wild horses. 

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