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Thank you for your interest in observing BLM wild horse gather operations in the Adobe Town/Salt Wells Herd Management Areas (HMAs). The BLM is committed to providing as much public access to the gather as possible; however, as the gather moves into the checkerboard pattern of mixed public and private land, observation opportunities will be limited.

The Adobe Town/Salt Wells HMA Complex is in rugged and remote areas.  Safety is our first priority and BLM staff will be available each public observation day to escort you into areas where you can safely view the gather operations.  You must provide your own four-wheel drive transportation. Please try to carpool, if possible. We are providing the following information for your safety and so that you can be prepared for your visit. 

Wild horses enter the trap.


Wild horse gather observers.

Observers watch a colorful group enter the Table Rock trap site at the 2013 Adobe Town/Salt Wells Wild Horse Gather.

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  Nov. 20, 2013