Mountain biking on BLM-administered public lands in Wyoming. Camping on BLM-administered public lands in Wyoming. Fishing on BLM-administered public lands in Wyoming. Off highway vehicle on sand dunes near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Snowmobiling on BLM-administered public lands in Wyoming.
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Casper Field Office


Camping is allowed on most BLM-managed public lands and is a great way to experience the outdoors. There are two ways to camp on BLM-managed public lands. You may camp at developed campgrounds that provide a variety of amenities for your convenience while protecting natural resources. You may also "rough it" on any of the dispersed public lands in the state unless a field office or an area has specific restrictions. 

BLM-managed public lands provide habitat for a variety of wildlife. In order to minimize disturbance to these indigenous creatures, please do not park or camp within 300 yards of any water source used by wildlife or domestic livestock. When you are camping in a developed site, please use the marked designated area. 

Whether in a developed campground or at a dispersed site, you may usually camp in an area for up to 14 days before having to move at least 25 miles from your original spot. You may not return to that area for 28 consecutive days. 
If you are camping in a developed site and are in a group with more than two vehicles or 10 people, please use a group site or two campsites. Please respect other campers and keep the quiet hours of 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. Horses, llamas, and other livestock are not allowed in campgrounds or picnic areas unless BLM has provided facilities for that use. Fees collected at developed campgrounds are used to maintain the area for everyone's enjoyment. Avoid a citation or fine by being responsible and paying your share. 

Leave campground equipment where you find it and use the designated spots for your tent, trailer, and other gear. If you leave personal property unattended for more than 24 hours in a day-use area, or 3 days in other areas, it may be considered abandoned and disposed of by BLM.