1. Build a tree house
  2. Jump rope
  3. Build a fort
  4. Play "Red Rover"
  5. Play "Simon Says"
  6. Look at bugs
  7. Make a tire swing
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Climb a tree
  10. Go swimming
  11. Run through the sprinkler
  12. Make a muddy slip-n-slide
  13. Paint or draw outside
  14. Read a book on the lawn
  15. Draw on sidewalks with chalk
  16. Play hopscotch
  17. Plant a garden
  18. Make a bird feeder
  19. Watch the weather
  20. Look for shapes in the clouds
  21. Play spray bottle water tag
  22. Make a lemonade stand
  23. Fly a kite
  24. Roll down a hill
  25. Do a scavenger hunt
  26. Look at tree bark with a magnifying glass
  27. Set up a bird bath
  28. Volunteer to pick-up litter in your community
  29. See how many kinds of plants you can find
  30. Stand in the rain with your face up to the sky
  31. Listen to sounds and look for what makes them (crickets, birds, squirrels, frogs)
  32. Make s’mores while camping
  33. Ice skate
  34. Try to identify bird calls
  35. Bury a time capsule
  36. Bury treasure and make a map
  37. Look for animal tracks or scat
  38. Learn how to tie different knots
  39. Count the kinds of trees in your yard
  40. Listen to crickets and frogs
  41. Close your eyes, touch things and guess what they are
  42. Build a sculpture or make jewelry
  43. out of things you find in your yard
  44. Make leaf prints
  45. Dig in the dirt for worms
  46. Touch leaves and trees
  47. Play tag
  48. Feed and watch animals
  49. Make a snowman
  50. Smell flowers
  51. Rake leaves
  52. Visit a waterfall


Dinosaur track.

Visit the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite near Shell, Wyoming. Rare fossil footprints were discovered on public lands. For more information, contact the Worland Field Office at 307-347-5100.

Hiking image.

Hike the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, which offers some of America’s most spectacular and isolated scenary. For more information, contact the Lander Field Office at 307-332-8400.

Be part of the next great fishing tale while enjoying a day out on the high mountain lakes outside of Lander. This area of Wyoming offers many trout fisheries, as well as over a dozen species of game fish including walleye and channel catfish. For more information, contact the Lander Field Office at