Lander Field Office 

Lander Proposed RMP and Final EIS 

FY 2013

News Release02/22/13 

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Entire Volume 1 - 8.75mb  

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Entire Volume 2 - 16.58mb 

  • Volume 2 Cover & Table of Contents - 794kb 
  • Chapter 4 - Environmental Consequences - 5.84mb 
  • Chapter 5 - Public Involvement, Consultation, and Coordination - 5.76mb 
  • Chapter 6 - References - 450kb 
  • Glossary - 381kb 
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A. Federal Laws, Regulations, Policies, Guidance, and Other Applicable Mandates and Authority
    • Appendix B. Maps 
    • Appendix C. Recreation Management Area Forms 
    • Appendix D. Reclamation Objectives and Standards 
    • Appendix E. Exception, Modification, and Waiver Criteria, Avoidance Criteria, and Special Management for Designated Corridors 
    • Appendix F. Lander Air Resources Management Plan 
    • Appendix G. Example Detailed, Multi-phased, Reclamation Plan 
    • Appendix H. Required Design Features and Best Management Practices 
    • Appendix I. Stipulations and Conditions of Approval in Designated Development Areas and in Non-Designated Development Areas 
    • Appendix J. Wyoming Standards for Healthy Rangelands 
    • Appendix K. Livestock Grazing Allotments and Range Improvements 
    • Appendix L. Economic Impact Analysis Methodology 
    • Appendix M. Wyoming BLM Mitigation Guidelines for Surface-Disturbing and Disruptive Activities 
    • Appendix N. Standard Oil and Gas Stipulations 
    • Appendix O. Fire Management 
    • Appendix P. Species Mentioned in the Lander Field Office RMP and EIS 
    • Appendix Q. Fire Regime and Vegetation Condition 
    • Appendix R. Lands Identified for Land Tenure Adjustment(s) 
    • Appendix S. Lands Identified for Disposal 
    • Appendix T. Surface Disturbance and Reasonable Foreseeable Actions 
    • Appendix U. Technical Support Document for Air Resources 
    • Appendix V. Wild Horse Management in the Lander Planning Area 
    • Appendix W. Travel Management Planning 
    • Appendix X. Comment Analysis 

Comment Analysis

Comment Analysis Report can be found in Appendix X in the Proposed RMP and Final EIS. Due to page length, the following attachments to the Comment Analysis Report are not included in the EIS.

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