Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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Lander Field Office 

Lander Proposed RMP and Final EIS 

FY 2013

News Release02/22/13 

VOLUME 1 of 2

Entire Volume 1 - 8.75mb  

VOLUME 2 of 2

Entire Volume 2 - 16.58mb 

  • Volume 2 Cover & Table of Contents - 794kb 
  • Chapter 4 - Environmental Consequences - 5.84mb 
  • Chapter 5 - Public Involvement, Consultation, and Coordination - 5.76mb 
  • Chapter 6 - References - 450kb 
  • Glossary - 381kb 
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A. Federal Laws, Regulations, Policies, Guidance, and Other Applicable Mandates and Authority
    • Appendix B. Maps 
    • Appendix C. Recreation Management Area Forms 
    • Appendix D. Reclamation Objectives and Standards 
    • Appendix E. Exception, Modification, and Waiver Criteria, Avoidance Criteria, and Special Management for Designated Corridors 
    • Appendix F. Lander Air Resources Management Plan 
    • Appendix G. Example Detailed, Multi-phased, Reclamation Plan 
    • Appendix H. Required Design Features and Best Management Practices 
    • Appendix I. Stipulations and Conditions of Approval in Designated Development Areas and in Non-Designated Development Areas 
    • Appendix J. Wyoming Standards for Healthy Rangelands 
    • Appendix K. Livestock Grazing Allotments and Range Improvements 
    • Appendix L. Economic Impact Analysis Methodology 
    • Appendix M. Wyoming BLM Mitigation Guidelines for Surface-Disturbing and Disruptive Activities 
    • Appendix N. Standard Oil and Gas Stipulations 
    • Appendix O. Fire Management 
    • Appendix P. Species Mentioned in the Lander Field Office RMP and EIS 
    • Appendix Q. Fire Regime and Vegetation Condition 
    • Appendix R. Lands Identified for Land Tenure Adjustment(s) 
    • Appendix S. Lands Identified for Disposal 
    • Appendix T. Surface Disturbance and Reasonable Foreseeable Actions 
    • Appendix U. Technical Support Document for Air Resources 
    • Appendix V. Wild Horse Management in the Lander Planning Area 
    • Appendix W. Travel Management Planning 
    • Appendix X. Comment Analysis 

Comment Analysis

Comment Analysis Report can be found in Appendix X in the Proposed RMP and Final EIS. Due to page length, the following attachments to the Comment Analysis Report are not included in the EIS.

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