Porcupine Creek, Wyoming. Deer near Worland, Wyoming. Dinosaur track at the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite near Worland, Wyoming. Wild horses in the McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area, Wyoming. Scenery along the Red Gulch-Alkali Backcountry Byway near Worland, Wyoming.
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Cody & Worland Field Offices

Bighorn Basin RMP revision banner.

Bighorn Basin RMP Revision

Wind River/Bighorn Basin District

Document Library

Cody Approved RMP Maintenance Actions - March 2016
Approved RMP & ROD

News Release - 09/22/15

Proposed RMP and Final EIS
 Proposed RMP and Final EIS - ePlanning - 05/28/2015
Supplemental EIS

  FRN SEIS - 07/12/13  
> Supplemental EIS - ePlanning


  Interactive Draft RMP/Draft EIS - 05/09/11 
    > Tutorial - 06/17/11

  Draft RMP/Draft EIS - pdf, 04/22/11
Areas of Critical Environmental Concern
  ACEC Evaluation Report - 6.50mb

  ACEC Evaluation Areas Map - 124kb - 07/16/10

Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenarios
  Geothermal RFD - 2.07mb

  Oil & Gas RFD - 8.76mb 

  Renewable Energy RFD - 914kb
Solid Minerals
  Solid Mineral Occurence & Development Potential Report - 7.93mb

Travel Management

  Recreation & Travel Management Workshops Summary Report

Visual Resource Maps
  Scenic Quality
  Visual Resources
Wild & Scenic Rivers
  Cody & Worland Field Offices
Public Notices
  FRN Supplemental EIS - 07/12/13  
  Notice of Availability - 04/22/11 
  Notice of Intent - 10/17/08
Public Outreach

  BLM Cody Hosts Additional Open House for Resource Management Plan Implementation - 05/05/16

  Cody Field Office Hosts Open Houses for Resource Management Plan Implementation - 04/11/16
  Historic Conservation Campaign Protects Greater Sage-Grouse - 09/22/15

  BLM, USFS Plans for Public Lands in Wyoming Provide for Greater Sage-Grouse Protection, Balanced Development - 05/28/15

  New Date for Close of the Comment Period for Bighorn Basin RMP Supplement as a Result of the Federal Government Shutdown - 10/24/13

  BLM Holds Public Meetings for Bighorn Basin RMP Supplement - 08/21/13 

  BLM Issues Supplement to the Draft Bighorn Basin RMP - 07/12/13

  BLM to Issue a Supplement to the Draft Bighorn Basin RMP - 12/05/12 

  Materials from the Draft RMP Public Meetings - 06/23/11 

  BLM Holds Public Meetings for Draft Bighorn Basin RMP - 05/23/11

  Commenting on BLM’s Draft Bighorn Basin RMP Made Easy - 05/12/11

  BLM Releases Draft Bighorn Basin RMP for 90-day Comment Period - 04/22/11
  Summer Field Trips - 07/16/10

  BLM Announces Summer Field Trips and Updates to RMP Website - 07/09/10

  Management Options Maps - 07/02/10
  Current Management in the Bighorn Basin - 06/10/10

  BLM Hosts Open House for Bighorn Basin RMP - 03/24/10

  News release - 10/14/08
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Other RMP-Related Documents
  Biological Opinions
  Draft Biological Assessment
  Scoping Report & Appendices

  Scoping Materials

Existing RMPs
  Cody RMP - 1990
  Grass Creek RMP - 1998
  Washakie RMP - 1988
  Summary of the Analysis of the Management Situation - 9.54mb

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