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Snake River Resource Management Plan

Resource Management Plan
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Inclusion of Lands for Disposal - 08/20/14
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Wild & Scenic River Report
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Planning Criteria & Issues
Management Situation Analysis
Notice of Intent

In December 1999, the BLM published a "Notice of Intent" to revise the Snake River Resource Management Plan (RMP). The approved Snake River RMP and Record of Decision was signed in April 2004.

The Snake River corridor and adjacent areas in Teton County, Wyoming comprise the Snake River RMP area.

BLM-administered public lands addressed in the RMP include approximately 1,345 acres of public land surface and Federal mineral estate, 740 acres of public land surface over-lying state or privately-owned mineral estate, and 12,000 acres of federal mineral estate (mostly outside of the river corridor) which underlies lands owned or administered by private individuals, the state of Wyoming or local governments.