Commissary Ridge Fire near Kemmerer, Wyoming. Slurry drop, Commissary Ridge Fire near Kemmerer, Wyoming. Red Eye Basin near Kemmerer, Wyoming. Commissary Ridge Fire near Kemmerer, Wyoming. Big Park prescribed fire near Buffalo, Wyoming.
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Temporary Seasonal Job Opportunities

Seasonal/Temporary Wildland Fire Job Opportunities Offered  by BLM Wyoming

BLM Wyoming offers 82 seasonal/temporary positions (these jobs typically last three to six months in length over the summer). Wildland fire jobs are titled Range Technicians, with the following focus areas:

  • Engine Crew: Serves on a fire crew that uses equipment associated with wildland fire engines, including pumps and hoses as well as traditional handcrew equipment using a variety of tools and techniques on wildland and prescribed fires. Engines serve as the back-bone for BLM initial attack fire operations providing the greatest opportunities for employment within the State.
  • Fuels/Hazard reduction crews: Serves as a crew member who works in hazard reduction, prescribed fire, and wildland fire operations.
  • Helitack: Serves as an initial attack firefighter and support for helicopter operations on large fires.
  • Dispatcher: Serves as a central coordinator for relaying information regarding a fire as well as ordering personnel and equipment.




Casperengine crews, fuels/hazard reduction crew, dispatch centerNo
Buffaloengine crewNo
Cody engine crews, dispatch centerNo
Rawlinsengine crews, fuels/hazard reduction crew, dispatch center, helitackYes*
Rock Springsengine crewsYes
Worlandengine crews, fuels/hazard reduction crewNo
Landerengine crewsNo

* A trailer and barracks are available for seasonal and volunteer employees on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What are the pay and benefits?  Employees are hired under the Federal Civil Service System. Pay ranges from about $8 per hour to over $15 per hour, depending upon the position and your experience level. Firefighting positions are paid time and a half overtime for any hours worked beyond the regular daily eight hour shift. Hazard pay is also added at time and a quarter for all time associated with uncontained wildland fires and some special operations. Seasonal/Temporary employees receive sick leave, paid vacation, paid holidays and training.

*Note: Fire assignments may last up to 14 days without a day-off, and extended daily shifts may last up to 16 hours. This is not an 8:00 to 5:00 job!

What are the requirements?  Wildland fire activities require hard work often in uneven, steep, rough, slippery terrain. Lifting or carrying equipment over 50 pounds may be required. Engine, Fuels/Hazard reduction crews and Helitack require a Work Capacity Fitness Test as a condition of hire. This test consists of a three mile walk carrying 45 lbs. in under 45 minutes over a flat course. All temporary employees who participate in wildland or prescribed fire activities will have a pre-employment medical examination to determine their suitability prior to their initial entry on duty. The cost of this exam will be paid by the BLM. Random drug testing is a condition of employment.

What about long term job opportunities?  In addition to seasonal/temporary positions, the Bureau also offers long-term career seasonal and permanent positions. Many temporary employees have progressed from entry-level fire crew positions to permanent leadership positions in fire management.

How do I apply?  BLMJobs Online is an online employment application processing system, which electronically prescreens candidates and ranks them according to specified criteria. BLMJobs Online lets you search for available jobs in the BLM; create, edit, and archive your electronic resume; and apply for specific jobs online! BLMJobs Online also provides you with an opportunity to establish criteria to identify the type(s) of jobs in which you are interested, and will then notify you with an email message when that kind of job is open for application. 

BLMJobs is located at


Applicants can also use the Wyoming Fire Jobs website at

Apply Early! Typically, job announcements and application periods begin in December and end in January prior to fire season.

Questions? Contact:




Wind River - Bighorn Basin
(Cody, Lander & Worland)

Worland Field Office
101 South 23rd Street
Worland, WY 82401
High Desert
(Kemmerer, Pinedale, Rawlins & Rock Springs)
Rock Springs Field Office
280 Highway 191 North
Rock Springs, WY 82901

High Plains
(Buffalo, Casper & Newcastle)

Casper Field Office
2987 Prospector Drive
Casper, WY 82604