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HRO Reading List

Managing the Unexpected: Assuring High Performance in an Age of Complexity (Hardcover)
     by Karl E. Weick (Author), Kathleen M. Sutcliffe (Author)

The Field Guide to Understanding Human Error (Paperback)
     by Sidney Dekker (Author)

Educating Intuition (Hardcover)
     by Robin M. Hogarth (Author)

On High Performance Organizations: A Leader to Leader Guide (Paperback) 
     by Frances Hesselbein (Author), Rob Johnston (Author), The Drucker Foundation (Author)

Organization at the Limit: Lessons from the Columbia Disaster [Illustrated] (Hardcover) 
     by William H. Starbuck (Editor) (Author), Moshe Farjoun (Editor) (Contributor)

Managing the Unknown: A New Approach to Managing High Uncertainty and Risk in Projects (Hardcover) 
     by Christoph H. Loch (Author), Arnoud DeMeyer (Author), Michael T. Pich (Author

Beyond Human Error: Taxonomies and Safety Science (Hardcover) 
     by Brendan Wallace (Author), Alastair Ross (Author)

Inviting Disaster: Lessons From the Edge of Technology (Paperback) 
     by James R. Chiles (Author)

Normal Accidents: Living with High-Risk Technologies (Paperback) 
     by Charles Perrow (Author)

Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents (Paperback) 
     by James T. Reason (Author)

Know the Risk: Learning from Errors and Accidents: Safety and Risk in Today's Technology, First Edition (Hardcover) 
     by Romney Duffey (Author), John Saull (Author

The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance at NASA (Paperback) 
     by Diane Vaughan (Author)

How Safe Is Safe Enough? Leadership, Safety and Risk Management (Hardcover) 
     by Gregory Alston (Author)