State Protocol 


2014 State Protocol Agreement

  • Appendix A: Special Purpose Programmatic Agreements, and Memoranda of Agreement in Effect 
  • Appendix B: Undertakings Exempt from SHPO Consultation 
  • Appendix C: Guidance on the Assessment of Setting 
  • Appendix D: Exclusions: Defined Non-Sites and Property Types Requiring No Formal Documentation 
  • Appendix E: Standard Signed Notification Documenting NHPA Compliance Project Review Under Section 106 (CRMTRACKER) 
  • Appendix F: Agreement Document Procedures and Checklist 
  • Appendix G: Agreement Document Template 
  • Appendix H: Protocol Flow Chart 
  • Appendix I: Glossary 
  • Appendix J: SHPO Reporting Standards 
  • Appendix K: Standard Discovery Plan 
  • Appendix L: Standard APEs    


2006 State Protocol Agreement