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Volunteer Opportunity

Marking fence line.
The Rock Springs Field Office (RSFO) and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) have ongoing studies of portions of area fences to help identify impacts to Sage-grouse and determine the most appropriate methods to reduce these impacts.

A 2009 survey identified portions of fences impacting sage-grouse and these were marked using pieces of J-channel white vinyl siding to increase visibility for the low-flying birds. A 2010 follow-up survey revealed a decrease in impacts with the exception of high winter use areas. As a result, fences within winter use areas were marked with white J-channel vinyl siding that had had reflective tape applied to increase visibility in snow conditions. This project has provided measurable benefits to sage-grouse with the reduction in the number of bird strikes to these fence portions.

The project has also provided a great public participation opportunity. Volunteers from the Hogle Zoo of Utah and the Boy Scouts assisted BLM interns monitor fences and place markers by. With many more miles of fence to survey and mark, this project will provide plenty of volunteer opportunities and help the public to better understand potential impacts to Sage-grouse and the BLM's efforts to mitigate them.

Last updated: 05-18-2011