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Bird Flight Diverters Installed

Bird flight diverters on fence.
The Pinedale Field Office (PFO) will install 1,200 Firefly bird flight diverters on fences throughout the PFO area. The reflective diverters are clipped to the top strand of fences wherever sage-grouse mortalities are found to help flying birds avoid the fences in low light.

BLM Wyoming guidance directs that if bird mortality due to collision with fences is documented or likely to occur, appropriate action should be taken to mitigate the impacts. As part of this effort and to conduct outreach with the public, the PFO approached the local chapter of Future Farmers of America to involve its students in a Supervised Agricultural Experience extending beyond traditional agriculture by having them document mortalities and install diverters. PFO has also enlisted the Youth Conservation Corps to walk fence lines this summer to help identify problem areas. In addition to the work being done by PFO wildlife biologists, PFO rangeland specialists are also on the lookout for sage-grouse mortality indicators and have enlisted grazing permittees to look for and report problem areas as they find them.

Last updated: 05-18-2011