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Oil & Gas Industry Contributes to Sage-grouse Protection

Three oil and gas companies -

Sage-grouse chick.

Strutting Sage-grouse.

ConocoPhillips (Burlington Resources), Noble Energy, and EnCana Oil & Gas - are funding a three-year project using 40 GPS-based radio receivers to study sage-grouse movements, habitat selection, and breeding and nesting success in the Moneta-Lysite area where there is intensive gas development. The project will soon transition from inventory and data collection to developing a management plan for field development activities.

Devon Energy contributed the fuel needed to complete over 2,900 acres of mowing and aeration vegetation treatments to benefit sage-grouse nesting and early brood-rearing habitats. Treatments were conducted in an area that supports one of the largest population densities in Wyoming. In addition, Devon personnel have volunteered to monitor several of the leks in the area to collect population data.

ConocoPhillips and Devon Energy are participating in an interagency-coordinated study to find ways to improve reclamation techniques and subsequent reclamation success in sage-grouse habitat. These companies are providing equipment, personnel and funding to implement various techniques such as planting cover crops, adding mulch, erecting protective fences, installing watering systems, and installing and monitoring weather stations.

Last updated: 05-18-2011