Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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Landscape Treatments Improve Sage-grouse Habitat 

The Cody Field Office implemented an integrated strategy for sage-grouse habitat landscape conservation.   [more...]

Sage-grouse chick. 

Oil & Gas Industry Contributes to Sage-grouse Protection

ConocoPhillips (Burlington Resources), Noble Energy, and EnCana Oil & Gas are funding a three-year project using 40+ GPS-based radio receivers to study Sage-grouse movements, habitat selection, and breeding and nesting success in the Moneta-Lysite area which is undergoing intensive gas development.   [more...]

Bird ramp in water trough. 

Escape Ramps Installed

Using monies provided by the Wyoming Sage-grouse Conservation Fund, numerous escape ramps were purchased and distributed to agency, private, and tribal landowners.   [more...]

Seedlings planted. 

Vegetation Treatments

The Worland Field Office (WFO) is currently involved with several vegetation treatment projects to protect and enhance sage-grouse habitat on a landscape scale, while considering ecological, economic, and cumulative impacts.   [more...]


Wind River Bighorn Basin District BLM Fire Suppression on Sage-grouse Habitat

The Wind River/Bighorn Basin District (WR/BBD) fire program has identified Greater sage-grouse habitat as a high priority for wildfire suppression.   [more...]


Powder River Basin Initiative
An Approach to Restoring Sage-Grouse Habitat within the Powder River Basin 

The High Plains District Office (HPDO) is in the initial stages of planning the Powder River Basin Initiative (PRBI).    [more...]

Bird flight diverters on fence.  

Bird Flight Diverters Installed

The Pinedale Field Office (PFO) will install 1,200 Firefly bird flight diverters on fences throughout the PFO area.    [more...]


Sage-grouse Genetic Study Underway

The Pinedale Field Office (PFO) is assisting Beringia South, a Jackson, Wyo. wildlife consultant, in a sage-grouse genetic analysis by providing $20,000 in funding and over 200 sage- grouse blood samples collected from PFO area sage-grouse since 2005.   [more...]

Helicopter survey for Sage-grouse. 

Helicopter Flights used in Monitoring

The Pinedale Field Office (PFO) conducts annual helicopter flights to survey for Greater Sage-grouse in January and February.   [more...]

Fenced Chicken Springs watering hole. 

Sage-grouse Water Source Protected

Chicken Springs, located 30 miles northwest of Rawlins, Wyo., is so named for its traditional use by Greater Sage-grouse as a watering hole and its location just west of one of the largest leks in Wyoming.  [more...]

Marking fence line. 

Volunteer Opportunity

The Rock Springs Field Office (RSFO) and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) have ongoing studies of portions of area fences to help identify impacts to Sage-grouse and determine the most appropriate methods to reduce these impacts.   [more...]