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Warren Bridge Projects Completed

Warren Bridge trail.

With funding of $250,000 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Warren Bridge Public Access Area upgrade project in Sublette County included cottonwood reforestation along the Green River with some exclosure fencing, eight miles of trail construction along the river corridor and a cultural inventory.

Over 4,000 narrow-leaf cottonwood trees of varying size were planted along 12-miles of the Green River east of Warren Bridge. The planting is intended to reforest the banks of the river which was once lined with cottonwoods before the demand for railroad ties prompted their removal and, with it, the loss of prime bald eagle habitat.

The Wyoming Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) also upgraded eight miles of livestock- and hiker-created trails along the Green River to create easier access for pedestrians and fishing enthusiasts. The YCC employs young people from 18 to 25 years of age in crews of 8 to 12 members along with a crew chief.

In addition, a Class III cultural inventory was conducted along the Green River. Sam Drucker, BLM Pinedale Field Office archeologist, enthused that the Warren Bridge project gave BLM archaeologists, "the rare opportunity to study human history along the banks of the Green River." The investigation uncovered evidence of thousands of years of indigenous occupation and utilization of riparian resources in the area, including subsurface cultural sites containing fire hearths, pottery shards, and stone tools. Artifacts and butchered faunal remains, mostly deer and bison bones, were collected for testing and charcoal samples were submitted for radiometric dating. These investigations yielded important information regarding regional history, human settlement patterns and subsistence ecology.

The Warren Bridge Public Access Area is comprised of the Warren Bridge Campground and the Warren Bridge Recreation Area upstream on the Green River. In 2009, there were 21,176 total visits and 21,700 visitor days (12 hours per day or greater per visitor) for the public access area as a whole with 4,250 visits with 8,028 visitor days for the campground and 16,926 visits with 13,671 visitor days for the recreation area.

The Warren Bridge Recreation Area provides opportunities for fishing, floating, camping, hunting, swimming, picnicking, hiking and wildlife viewing with the Wind River mountain range as a backdrop. This project will enhance recreation opportunities, provide important cultural information and improve wildlife habitat. Martin Hudson, BLM Pinedale Field Office recreation planner, remarked, "These improvements will help outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the area even more and also bring in a greater diversity of wildlife. It’s a win-win."

More photos:  www.blm.gov/wy/st/en/arra/warren-bridge.html

Last updated: 12-22-2010