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RFO Firefighters Receive Top Awards from Rawlins Fundraising Competition

By Bruce Collins

BLM Rawlins burn crew.

BLM Rawlins fire crew members  Carl Hemphill (far left) and Steve Renner (leaning against rail).
It’s official, Rawlins BLM High District firefighters are the fittest emergency response personnel in Carbon County and “good sports” to boot!

That’s according to the presentation plaques given at the Rawlins Field Office’s all employees meeting by officials from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Carbon County on Aug. 4, 2008. Merri Addison, president, and Marcy Conley-Allen, program coordinator, presented the Emergency Response Personnel Obstacle Course Fundraiser Top Team Award to Rawlins firefighters Steve Renner, Mike Murray and Ross Uphoff. Rawlins firefighters Joey Hagan, Cody Waldrip and Kyle Brice received the Good Sportsmanship Award.

BLM Rawlins teams took three of the top four slots in the fundraising events competition held July 11 in the Rawlins High School Outlaw Stadium, winning everything except second place. Rawlins firefighters Carl Hemphill, Chris Steinhoff and Scott McConchie were third place winners.

Timed events included belly crawling, rolling and unrolling a fire hose, tire and obstacle course running, and dummy carrying. The BLM Rawlins teams competed against teams from the Rawlins Police and Fire Departments, Wyoming Highway Patrol, and Carbon County Fire Department.

The public event was held to raise money for an endowment for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Carbon County. Carbon County Sheriff’s Office staff members planned the events and invited the BLM teams.

According to Addison, the fastest individual time for the obstacle course - one minute and 53 seconds by BLM’s Steve Renner - was topped once when Renner comleted the course in one minute 49 seconds on his second attempt.

Last updated: 02-06-2009