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New Facilities at White Mountain to Deter Vandals 

Handprint petroglyphs.
The most distinctive of the petroglyphs, handprints left by generations of women who
 traveled here to give birth.
A bullet hole in one of the central panels.
Twenty-year-old vandalism,
a bullet hole in one of
the central panels.
Petroglyph site.
This petroglyph site is a 1/3
mile walk from the new parking
 area behind the main
    by Angelina Pryich
ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. -  Because the openness of Wyoming’s vast landscape makes controlling vandalism difficult, BLM constructed a new road and parking area in an effort to curtail increasing damage to the fragile panels. This spring, new sanitation facilities will be installed at the parking area. In addition, approximately one mile of fence will be built as a Public Lands Day project to help protect this sensitive resource.

The White Mountain Petroglyphs in Sweetwater County has more than 1,000 linear feet of petroglyph panels.

Because the footpath from the parking area to the petroglyphs may be difficult for some individuals, a “virtual visit” DVD is being prepared and should be available in this fall.

Last updated: 06-05-2008