Bull elk on Elk Mountain near Newcastle, Wyoming. Photo by Nate West. Oil rig in Wyoming. Wild horse near Rock Springs, Wyoming. Coal mining operations in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming. Pronghorn in Wyoming.
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BLM Wyoming Newsletter

High School students visit Buffalo Field Office

Buffalo High School sophomores visited the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Buffalo Field Office (BFO) on career day Feb. 6, 2008. Students spent the day visiting local businesses and learning about different career opportunities.   [more...]

New Facilities at White Mountain to Deter Vandals

Because the openness of Wyoming’s vast landscape makes controlling vandalism difficult, BLM constructed a new road and parking area in an effort to curtail increasing damage to the fragile panels. This spring, new sanitation facilities will be installed at the parking area. In addition, approximately one mile of fence will be built as a Public Lands Day project to help protect this sensitive resource.    [more...]

National Historic Trails Interpretive Center Celebrates the Holidays with Music 

Over 700 people joined the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center (NHTIC) for its annual “Holiday on the Homestead” Saturday, Dec. 8, 2007. Admission was free all day.    [more...]

Hillman Nominated for Newcastle 2007 Person of the Year

Viola Hillman moved to Newcastle, Wyo. in 2006 and was warmly welcomed into the small community. This January, she found out how much her work as Bureau of Land Management Newcastle Field Office Manager has made a difference. Hillman was named as one of the honorable mentions for Newcastle 2007 Person of the Year.    [more...


Keeping Water on the Land Longer

Drought or not, “Keeping Water on the Land Longer” is the goal of much of the BLM work. Whether it’s reclaiming oil and gas disturbances or managing rangeland, BLM focuses a lot of effort on slowing runoff and the erosion process.    [more...



Wild Horse Program Achieves Goals

The BLM Rock Springs wild horse program achieved its population management objectives in 2007 by conducting gathers in all the wild horse herd management areas it manages. The sagebrush-covered high desert surrounding Rock Springs is home to approximately 1100 wild horses.    [more...]


A New Approach to Conservation

A new large-scale effort in southwest Wyoming to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife habitats while facilitating responsible development is well underway.    [more...



Worland Volunteers Carry out Sagebrush Planting Experiment

Although originally rained out and rescheduled, the Worland Field Office hosted a successful National Public Lands Day event on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2007. Thirty-two volunteers planted 640 Wyoming and basin big sagebrush seedlings.    [more...

Pipelines span the Rock Springs Field

Several gas transmission pipelines were completed in 2007 and others are proposed for 2008 within the BLM Rock Springs Field Office.    [more...]

BLM Leases Land for new Rock Springs Public Buildings

New recreation, education, and fire facilities will soon be built in Rock Springs thanks to the Recreation and Public Purposes Act (R&PP). The Act authorizes the sale or lease of public lands for recreational or public purposes to state and local governments and to qualified nonprofit organizations.    [more...]

New BLM District Gives Fire Program More Flexibility

On March 3, 2008 the fire programs in the BLM Rock Springs and Rawlins Field Offices will merge into a single fire program with suppression responsibilities distributed throughout the newly created BLM Wyoming High Desert District.    [more...


BLM Employee Presented Wildlife Award

Wyoming BLM Wildlife Biologist Dave Roberts was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Wyoming Chapter of The Wildlife Society at their Nov. 27, 2007 meeting in Lander.    [more...]


Casper College Visit

On Oct. 10, 2007, we had the opportunity to accompany three Unidavi University professors from Brazil. Jeancarlo Visentainer is a Language Arts Professor and was our helpful translator.    [more...]