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WyoTech Student Volunteers Help BLM Clean up Rogers Canyon 

WyoTech student volunteers clean up trash in Rogers Canyon north of Laramie.

Student volunteers from Wyoming Technical Institute’s Laramie Campus prepare to haul a truckload of debris from Rogers Canyon. BLM outdoor recreation planner Brian Smith & approximately 50 WyoTech volunteers picked up more than 2.5 tons of trash & debris. (BLM photo by Brian Smith)

Scenic Rogers Canyon north of Laramie.

Mist rises from Rogers Canyon, revealing the natural beauty of an area popular for hiking, climbing, mountain biking & picnicking enthusiasts.
(BLM photo by Brian Smith)

Students at Wyoming Technical Institute in Laramie picked up more than career skills the first semester of the new academic year, according to Brian Smith of the Bureau of Land Management Rawlins Field Office. An outdoor recreation planner, Smith and approximately 50 WyoTech volunteers spent Sunday, Sept. 8, picking up more than 2.5 tons of trash and debris in Rogers Canyon, approximately 7.5 miles northeast of Laramie on BLM-administered land.

The Rogers Canyon area is a popular location for outdoor enthusiasts from Laramie who enjoy hiking, climbing, mountain biking or picnicking, Smith claimed. “Unfortunately, some folks have also used it to dump unwanted items instead of using the established landfill near town. This spoils the outdoor experience for everyone,” Smith explained, “and mars the natural beauty of the canyon.”

Smith was really pleased, therefore, when Curtis Rohrer, WyoTech-Laramie professional development coordinator, showed him the lengthy student volunteer list and even more so when an additional two dozen students showed up for the Sunday activity. Rohrer explained that WyoTech students learn to participate in the community as both professionals and concerned citizens.

“Laramie is an ideal community and a fantastic place for biking, hiking, camping, fishing, four-wheeling, hunting, skiing, and more,” Rohrer said. “Our website says, ‘Moving into the Future’ is not simply a slogan at WyoTech; it is a commitment.’ This volunteer effort is another way our faculty and students put that slogan in action,” he said.

Other anonymous contributors helped with the Rogers Canyon project. “If all goes well, I plan on having a sign made after the cleanup with a picture of the WyoTech volunteers and a little info,” Smith said.  “These people deserve some recognition for getting involved,” he added.

For more information on BLM volunteer projects and programs, contact your local BLM office or go to: http://www.blm.gov/wy/st/en.html

Last updated: 05-13-2008