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BLM installs artificial nesting structures along North Platte River:
Structures will provide nesting habitat for Bald Eagles and Osprey 

Installing artificial nest structure.

Installing artificial nest structure.

BLM employees install an artificial nesting structure to mitigate potential adverse effects on relieve bald eagle & osprey nesting habitat caused by oil & gas development.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Casper Office recently installed two artificial nesting structures along the North Platte River between Casper and Alcova.

The artificial nesting structures will provide much needed nesting habitat for both the bald eagle and osprey. Conservation projects such as this have assisted in the recovery of the bald eagle, which has recently been removed from protection under the Endangered Species Act. Installation of these nesting structures was done in cooperation with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Western Area Power Administration, and the Davis/Boston Limited Partnership.

Other wildlife projects planned in the future along the North Platte River include the installation of several bat roosting boxes, cottonwood pole plantings and the development of interpretive wildlife viewing opportunities.

In addition to the nesting structures along the North Platte River, BLM maintains 16 additional artificial nesting structures in Natrona County. These structures are designed to provide nesting habitat for the Ferruginous Hawk, a Wyoming BLM listed sensitive species.

These structures were installed as mitigation to expanding oil and gas development in the Waltman area, which was impacting natural nesting in the area. According to 2007 nest productivity monitoring, approximately 75 percent of these structures were occupied this field season. Nesting pairs utilizing these structures were successful in raising 31 fledglings.

For more information contact Jim Wright, BLM Wildlife Biologist at 307-261-7600.

Last updated: 05-13-2008