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Release Date: 10/05/12
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Lost Creek Uranium Project Record of Decision Available

The Record of Decision (ROD) for the Lost Creek Uranium In-Situ Recovery Project is now available for review from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Rawlins Field Office. The project area is located in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, approximately 40 miles northwest of Rawlins and 15 miles southwest of Bairoil.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued Lost Creek ISR, LLC a license in August 2011. The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality issued the project a mining permit in October 2011.

The project area boundary includes approximately 4,250 acres. No more than 345 acres surface disturbance is expected, with most of the surface disturbance related to construction of the well fields used to extract the uranium from the site.

The ROD authorizes development and recovery of uranium by the in-situ mining process, a low impact mining technique that has significantly less environmental impacts than open pit mining. An oxidizing solution is injected into a bore hole to dissolve the mineral, then the solution bearing the mineral is pumped back to the surface for processing. The proponent estimates the current mineral resource for the Lost Creek project is 6.45 million pounds. Planned facilities include well pads for injection, production and monitoring, wellhead houses, a central processing facility, an access road network and pipeline system.

Wyoming contains the largest known uranium ore reserves in the United States and has been the nation’s leading producer of uranium ore since 1995, according to the Wyoming State Geological Survey. Since 1991, all Wyoming uranium has been recovered by the in-situ recovery method. Historically, the nearby Jeffery City area has been mined for uranium since the 1950s, but a price drop in the 1980s halted production.

The BLM has approved the Drying Yellowcake On-Site Alternative, which was the preferred alternative in the Final Environmental Impact Statement. This action involves drying the mineral solution into a solid yellowcake form. Housing the drying-packing facility within the processing plant will reduce shipments from the site, resulting in fewer transportation-related impacts, fewer wildlife disturbances, and cleaner air quality.

The ROD is subject to appeal. The appeal process is described within the document. For further information, visit:, or please contact John Russell at 307-328-4252.

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