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Release Date: 02/28/11
Contacts: Shelley Gregory    

Operator Ozone Contingency Plans Triggered

In accordance with the Bureau of Land Management’s 2008 Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement Record of Decision (ROD) for the Pinedale Anticline Project Area (PAPA), PAPA operators are required to annually prepare Ozone Contingency Plans (OCPs). These OCPs are implemented when ozone advisories are issued by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality – Air Quality Division (DEQ-AQD).

The DEQ-AQD has issued an ozone advisory for the Upper Green River Basin which is expected to be a multi-day event; however, it is the first for this winter.

PAPA operators have implemented their OCPs by minimizing vehicle idle and travel time, deferring truck and equipment refueling, reducing speeds by five mph, delaying liquids hauling, and postponing non-essential construction and maintenance.

When feasible, other OCP steps include suspending or rescheduling use of gasoline and diesel equipment, postponing initiation of fracking/completion activities and initiation of blowdowns, turning down heat trace pumps, delaying well connect activities, line pigging, and charging of desiccant dehydration units, minimizing site visits, and suspending site activities resulting in venting of gas. 

Copies of 2011 operator OCPs are available at under Air Quality.

A copy of the ROD is available at The OCP requirement can be found in Chapter 4: Mitigation Measures.

For more information, please contact Shane DeForest at 307-367-5302 or

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Last updated: 02-28-2011