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Release Date: 05/07/10
Contacts: Sarah Beckwith    

BLM Encourages Responsible OHV Use

Spring is in full swing and outdoor recreation is on the rise. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lander Field Office (LFO) encourages off-highway vehicle (OHV) users to be well-prepared for enjoyable experiences on public lands. In addition to protecting natural resources, OHV regulations were designed with your safety, and the safety of others, in mind.

Hundreds of miles of roads and trails are available to OHV users in central Wyoming. Four-wheelers, motorcycles, dirt bikes and four-wheel drive vehicles are all considered OHVs. OHV travel is limited to existing or designated roads and trails, including established two-track roads. Leaving existing roads for cross-country travel to hunt, gather antlers or access a scenic view is prohibited.

Two sites within the LFO—the 4,500-acre Dubois Badlands and the 80-acre Castle Gardens Archaeological Site—are closed to all vehicle travel to protect unique natural and cultural resources. Seasonal road closures also exist on Green Mountain, in Red Canyon and other areas of the Lander Slope, and in habitat management areas such as Whiskey Basin. These seasonal closures protect wildlife during critical wintering and fawning seasons. Signs indicating closures or restrictions are placed at key access points in these areas. Check with the LFO before heading out to be sure you know OHV road designations.

Resource protection and safety guide the BLM's enforcement of OHV designations and regulations. Some areas, including the Dubois Badlands, Green Mountain, and the Coal Mine Draw area between Hudson and Lander show evidence of resource damage due to illegal OHV use. Unauthorized new roads and trails degrade wildlife habitat as well as the visual aesthetics of the landscape. In addition, wait until the roads are dry before beginning an OHV adventure. Driving on wet and muddy roads can cause serious resource and road damage.

"Be safe while enjoying the outdoors on your OHV," said Lander Field Manager Jim Cagney. "Tell a friend or family member where you are going and when you expect to be back and be prepared for Wyoming’s changing weather."

The staff at the LFO is happy to assist you. Please call 332-8400 or stop by the office at 1335 Main Street. You can also visit the Lander Field Office website at

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