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Release Date: 08/18/10
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BLM to Host Open Houses on White-Nose Syndrome and Bats

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will host two open house meetings to discuss white-nose syndrome (WNS), its effects on bats and possible measures the BLM can take to prevent its spread to caves and abandoned mine sites on public lands in Wyoming. The BLM Cody Field Office will host the first open house on Thursday, Aug. 26 from 3:30 - 7 p.m. at the Park County Library, 1500 Heart Mountain St., Cody. The BLM Casper Field Office will host the second open house in their office at 2987 Prospector Dr. on Friday, Aug. 27 from 4 - 7 p.m.

Information about impacts and threats to bat populations from WNS and the fungus that causes this disease will be presented. BLM Wyoming, in coordination with other management agencies, is considering precautionary preventative measures to help reduce the risk of WNS becoming established in Wyoming. Public input is being solicited to: consider and discuss possible management options, to provide more public information about this disease and how it could impact bat populations, and to encourage public support and assistance in taking preventative steps before WNS spreads to Wyoming.

More than a million hibernating bats have died from WNS in caves and mines from New Hampshire, south to Tennessee and as far west as Oklahoma since it was detected in the United States in 2006. WNS is transmitted primarily by bat-to-bat contact, but human-to-bat transmission has not been ruled out. WNS has not been detected in caves or mines in Wyoming.

The U.S. Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region recently issued an emergency order closing caves and abandoned mines on National Forests and National Grasslands in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas for one year in response to the spread of WNS.

For further information about either of these meetings contact: BLM Cody Field Office at 307-578-5900 or BLM Casper Field Office at 307-261-7600. For more information about Wyoming bats and White Nose Syndrome, please contact Dennis Saville, BLM wildlife biologist at 307-775-6106.

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