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Release Date: 05/15/09
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BLM and USDA Study Soil Carbon Sequestration in Southwestern Wyoming

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Kemmerer Field Office announced today a cooperative effort with the USDA Agricultural Research Service and the University of Wyoming to study soil carbon sequestration in the big sagebrush ecosystems of southwestern Wyo.

"Scientific analysis is needed to address a multitude of questions," said Marion Burgin, BLM Natural Resource Specialist for the Kemmerer Field Office. "For example, increasing soil carbon may not only reduce the rise of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere that contributes to global warming, but it may also provide improved soil quality and increased water infiltration capacity. Unfortunately, scientific information regarding soil carbon sequestration, especially in areas with big sagebrush, is lacking," he added.

Collection of soil samples from big sagebrush ecosystems will take place the week of May 18, in the Cow Hollow and Fontenelle areas of Lincoln County, from nine sites with different plant communities and management histories. A total of 180 soil samples will be collected using a hydraulic machine that collects a 4.6 cm wide by 60 cm deep core (2" x 24").

Subsequent laboratory analyses of soil carbon and nitrogen will provide needed scientific information regarding big sagebrush ecosystems. The findings of this research will be published in a scientific journal and presented to the Chicago Climate Exchange for potential inclusion into the Rangeland Soil Carbon Offset Program (http:\\\).

The lead researchers for this study are Justin Derner and Jerry Schuman of the USDA Agriculture Research Service, High Plains Grasslands Research Station, in Cheyenne, Wyo., and George Vance of the University of Wyoming, Renewable Resources Department.

For more information, please contact Marion Burgin at 307-828-4543.

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