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Release Date: 06/25/09
Contacts: Lorraine Keith, 307-352-0399    
  Gavin Lovell, 307-828-4512    

BLM Kemmerer Working on Fire Breaks Near Cokeville and Kemmerer

The BLM Kemmerer Field Office (BLM) recently created a fire/fuel break around the Longview Estates subdivision south of Cokeville, Wyo.

Mowing creating a break in the sagebrush fuels.
BLM mows creating a break
 in the sagebrush fuels around
 the Longview Estates 
subdivision south of 
Cokeville, Wyo. to decrease threats from wildland fire.
Diseased tree removal.
BLM removes diseased trees while constructing fuel breaks north of Kemmerer, Wyo. at Commissary Ranches to protect homes and other structures.
Fire/Fuels Specialist Gavin Lovell stated that numerous fires during the past four years have threatened the subdivision south of Cokeville. In an effort to protect the homes from future fires, a buffer was created by mowing sagebrush to reduce the threat from wildfire. The buffer will allow BLM and other wildland fire fighters to utilize fire engines to protect houses and other structures more effectively.

BLM is also working on a second fire/fuel break project located north of Kemmerer in the Commissary Ranch area. The area contains a thick stand of mature conifers - primarily lodgepole pine - that has been infested by mountain pine beetle; the dead and dying trees are a significant fire hazard to private residences in the area. BLM is thinning the trees to reducing the hazardous fuels and restore the forest to a healthy, productive condition. The project is scheduled to be completed this fall and the slash piles will be burned next winter.

For more information contact Gavin Lovell at 307-828-4512.

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