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November 4, 2008

    Jessica Pettee

Pinedale BLM To Impound Trespass Livestock 

The Pinedale Field Office is going to collect several horses (7-13) which appear to have been abandoned on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management. 
Any unauthorized livestock grazing on public land or other lands under BLM’s control are in violation of Code of Federal Regulations and may be impounded five days after the posting of this information. 

The unauthorized livestock are located within Townships 32-34 North, Ranges 111-113 West. The following pastures, or allotments affected by this impoundment are: the Ryegrass Isolated, Heifer Pasture, Cranor Building Pasture, Todd Pasture, Ryegrass, Ball Horse Creek, James Ryegrass, Round Valley Ryegrass, Upper Horse Creek, Brodie Draw, Lower Horse Creek, Horse Creek-Ryegrass, Jewett Ryegrass, Horse Creek Pasture #2, West Aspen Ridge, and East Aspen Ridge. 

For more information please contact Jessica Pettee at 307-367-5310, or call the Pinedale Field Office at 307-367-5300.

- BLM -