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October 15, 2008

    Russell Boulware 
    (307) 352-0308

BLM Signs Horseshoe Basin 3D Seismic 
Survey Decision Record

Environmental Assessment, DR and FONSI

The Decision Record for Devon Energy’s Horseshoe Basin 3D heli-portable seismic survey has been signed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Rock Springs Field Office. The project area is approximately 45 miles south of Rock Springs and west of Hwy 430. The survey area encompasses approximately 25 square miles.

During the 30-day public scoping period, issues raised by commenters included: impacts to hunting as a result of noise and activity; impacts to springs and seeps as a result of shot hole detonation; impacts to wildlife; and impacts to the value of the Pine Mountain area.

The Environmental Analysis determined that no long-term significant impacts would occur as a result of the seismic survey.

The surface disturbance is temporary in nature, with the majority of the disturbance limited to minor soil disturbance and vegetation trampling during shot hole drilling. Disturbance would be limited to a three-foot radius around a three- to four-inch diameter shot hole and reclaimed following the completion of seismic recording.

To reduce surface impacts, the seismic survey will be conducted using heli-portable drilling methods to prepare shot holes. Light trucks would be used, where necessary, to transport personnel and equipment to the proposed various sites within the proposed Project Area, but would only utilize existing access routes approved by BLM.

The seismic survey began on October 13, 2008, and will continue until November 15, 2008, the date that big game crucial winter stipulations go into effect. Any portions of the seismic survey not completed by November 15 would be delayed until 2009 when restrictions on activities within crucial winter range and other wildlife restrictions end.

For more information please contact Russell Boulware at 307-352-0308.

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