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June 30, 2008

   Bryan McKenzie

Opening of Carter Mountain Road Delayed

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Cody Field Office announced today that Carter Mountain Road will not be open for the Independence Day weekend due to lingering snow drifts.

Carter Mountain Road, located 15 miles west of Meeteetse, Wyo., off Highway 290, is closed on an annual basis for public safety and to protect wintering elk and fragile soil. The closure normally runs from December through mid-June.

BLM will continue to monitor snow pack and will open the road when conditions improve and travel does not pose a risk to resources or the public, according to BLM Range Management Specialist Bryan McKenzie.

Carter Mountain Road receives moderate seasonal use by hunters and recreationists seeking to view wildlife. A high clearance 4x4 or ATV is necessary to traverse the road even in the best of conditions.

For more information please call the BLM Cody office at (307)578-5900.

- BLM -