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May 16, 2008

    Bruce Collins, 

BLM Plans Green Mountain Forest Thinning,
Fuels Reduction Project

Green Mountain Fuels Reduction Map
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lander Field Office is proposing to treat about 70 acres of lodgepole pine forest on Green Mountain south of Jeffrey City, Wyo. The proposed project area is located on lands administered by the BLM scattered along the east loop road of Green Mountain between the East fork and West fork of Cottonwood creek in parts of Section 33 and 34 in Township 28 North, Range 91 West.

The area consists of sapling-sized lodgepole pine trees that have grown in areas clear-cut during the mid-1970’s through the late 1980’s, according to BLM natural resource specialist Tim Kramer.

“Past logging activity of Green Mountain has resulted in numerous scattered lodgepole pine stands that are currently dominated by dense, even-aged and small diameter trees,” Kramer said. “This habitat type is not productive for wildlife, and with the current timber stand density, the growth rate and productivity of individual trees is minimal due to competition between trees,” he added.

The treatment, conducted by BLM employees and contractors, is scheduled to take place during the summer and fall months of 2008 and 2009. Kramer says the project’s objectives include decreasing the density of existing lodgepole pines by 90%, protecting the lodgepole pine community from stand-replacing fire, and improving wildlife habitat by promoting the transition of the existing dense, young age class lodgepole pine stands to a mature age class forested vegetation community.

“Thinning the identified young age class lodgepole stands will enhance the wildlife habitat characteristics and encourage the growth of trees remaining after the cutting treatment, which will also help speed the transition of the forested sites to a mature-sized timber stand,” Kramer said.

Please contact Tim Kramer of the Lander Field Office at (307)332-8431 or Tim_Kramer@blm.gov if you have concerns about the project or would like to participate in the project planning. Although comments are welcome at any time, they will be best used in this planning effort if submitted by June 15, 2008.